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Gaps Solitaire

9.31 6969

Move cards to the holes, and get four rows from 2 to King, left to right. This version shows you what cards you may move, and you even get unlimited shuffles!


8.00 4408

(PC & Tablet) An easy Solitaire, where all cards in the reserve can be used from the start.

Bisley Solitaire

6.50 4200

In this challenging solitaire you can build both up and down in the tableau.


8.00 3611

Looks like the clock solitaire, but is played differently.

Display Solitaire

9.84 3529

A challenging, fun and strategic solitaire! Get all cards out in the tableau with rows build in sequences. You can add cards to the right or below cards already in the tableau by certain rules. First deal gives you 3 waste piles, the last one only 1. You gotta try this one!


9.00 3372

There is no building in the tableau, but cards you take away create a hole in the column that grants you more choises. Read the rules well before you play.

Bowling Solitaire

9.00 3157

A great solitaire, played and scored as a round of Bowling! A very unique solitaire.

Easy Go Solitaire

6.88 2891

As the name gives you a hint about, this is an easy solitaire. But also great entertainment.

Kings End

9.60 2790

In this version of Gaps Solitaire, the deuces and Kings starts on their places. You can also move a card to the available holes if it is one higher for the left-card, or one lower than the right-card.