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Wave Motion

8.00 29

This is a construction Solitaire! All cards starts in the reserve, and should be moved to the tableau. Once there, you build down in value and by suit. Gather 4 sequences down from King to Ace


8.00 207

Easy rules, but you gotta keep track on what piles in the tableau that consist of more than one card. Build 8 foundation piles up in value, no matter of color. How many cards there is in each pile does not matter

Gaps Solitaire II

9.00 362

Move cards to the holes, and get four rows from 2 to King, left to right. This version onlyl gives you 3 shuffles.

Double Signora

8.00 309

Solitaire with 4 decks of card. Choose carefully the first card to the foundation.


8.00 397

A Version of Signora where you build by suit in the tableau. A Terrace-type solitaire, where you pick the start card in the Foundation. Pick carefully.

Blondes and Brunettes

8.00 486

You build with alternate colors both in foundation and in tableau. This is a Terrace version.


8.00 428

Build foundation piles up in alternate colors, while trying to get out all the reserve cards.

Labyrinth Solitaire

9.00 588

Only the topmost and bottommost card in each column can be moved to the foundation. But: you get a last chance when youre stuck.


8.00 1170

This is a version of the Terrace Solitaire. Foundation is build with alternate colors