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8.00 4408

(PC & Tablet) An easy Solitaire, where all cards in the reserve can be used from the start.


9.00 3372

There is no building in the tableau, but cards you take away create a hole in the column that grants you more choises. Read the rules well before you play.


8.00 2284

This is a version of the Terrace Solitaire. Foundation is build with alternate colors

Bisley Solitaire

6.50 4200

In this challenging solitaire you can build both up and down in the tableau.

Blondes and Brunettes

8.00 1970

You build with alternate colors both in foundation and in tableau. This is a Terrace version.

Bowling Solitaire

9.00 3157

A great solitaire, played and scored as a round of Bowling! A very unique solitaire.

Card Quest

8.00 2308

Save the King and Queen which the evil prince has captured in the castle. Find the way by playing card games with people and creatures you may encounter on your way. You must invert the sequense your opponent play!

Chess Cards

8.00 2576

Move the card almost like in chess! Read the rules before you start.


8.00 1629

A Version of Signora where you build by suit in the tableau. A Terrace-type solitaire, where you pick the start card in the Foundation. Pick carefully.