Mini Solitaire

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8.00 658

A mini solitaire with 2 decks.. No building in the tableau, only building 4 piles up from Ace, and 4 piles down from King

Two Rings Tablet

8.00 868

Ring of Fire - this game also is named Firemen Solitaire. Build one ring up from 7 to King, and the other ring down from 6 to Ace.

Grandfathers Clock

8.00 1201

A twist of the Clock Solitaire. Fill up the clock with the right times.


9.00 1081

You only use half the deck, and in this simplified verion of Amazons - the Solitaire will always be won!

Little Spider

7.75 2591

Even if the name sound like a spider solitaire, it is nothing like it. Read the rules carefully, they changes half way through the game.


8.80 2448

No building in the tableau, and fairly easy solitaire for your amusement!


8.00 1878

Alternation is to build with alternate color. Here you do it in the foundation. This version of Alternation does not have a waste pile, so you get to redeal all cards in the tableau twice!


8.00 1524

Build down regardless of color in the tableau. You have also a freecell, but only for a Jack, Queen or a King

Acquaintance 2

8.00 1806

This is a version of Auld Laung Syne. Acquaintance normally has 2 redeals, our version has 3 !