Addition Solitaire

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Simple Pairs

6.33 2403

Take away to equal cards. With only 9 available cards, it is your luck you must depend on, not your brain.

Beehive Blitz

9.00 4204

Some of the challenge here is how fast you are. Gather cards with same value in a foundation for themselves.

Klondike 13

9.06 6405

A solitaire with Pyramid rules and layout as Klondike solitaire. 3 waste piles, and turn the deck as many times you want.

Troy Solitaire

8.08 4827

Take away to cards with the same value. For every fourth pair you remove, you gain a joker. Many levels.

Picture Gallery

9.69 7307

24 foundation piles, with 4 cards in each. 1 row starts with 2, next with a 3, and the last with 4. Then build up by +3

Block Eleven II

8.17 4297

This version of Block 11 is hard, are you up for the challenge? Replace 2 cards that add up to 11. J,Q and K is blocking!

Calculation Suit

8.00 2694

A version of Calculation where you build the foundations by suit. An even tougher version!

Monte Carlo

8.00 3840

Addition Solitaire. Take away to card of same value that is next to each other, above or diagonally next to each other. In this version there is already cards in the tableau.

Miner Solitaire

8.00 3237

Remove cards in same suit, but leave the aces left in the tableau.