2 Deck Solitaire

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8.00 137

A strategic solitaire, where you must think carefully where you put the wastepile card in the tableau. Cards in the tableau can only be moved to the foundation.


8.00 165

No building in the tableau, only to foundation or one of the 8 freecells. When taking card from the deck, you get 3 more cards in each column

Crazy Quilt Tablet

8.00 149

A bit confusing setup, but a fun solitaire. This version is also for Tablet and Mobile

Topsy-Turvy Queens

8.00 210

As the name says, this is a bit reversed solitaire, you start to build on King, then Ace, to and so on. A popular Solitaire.

German Patience

8.00 138

This is an above middle difficult strategy solitaire, that gives you decent play-time before you either give up - or succeed.

British Square

8.00 317

4 times 4 piles in the tableau. Each pile can be build either up or down. You decide. Do that visely

Capricious Solitaire

8.00 279

This solitaire starts when you deal the cards. Each card that goes to a foundation is placed there right away, while dealing.

Above and Below Solitaire

8.00 348

Build 4 foundation piles down in value and 4 up in value by suit, starting from the card above/below the startcard. You may build from King to Ace.

Block Solitaire

8.00 370

Piles in the tableau are built down regardless of suit. If you are stuck, one new card goes into each pile.