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American Toad

9.33 4233

Canfield solitaire with 2 decks, and where you build by suits in the tableau, and have one redeal


8.50 5292

The Canfield Solitaire, but here you may build by any suit in the tableau. Only one time through the deck tough. .


9.00 3889

A Canfield Solitaire with 4 reserve columns, and Rush rules for the waste pile (turn 3, then 2, then 1).


9.29 4945

A Canfield version with 8 foundation. You choose how many cards you put in each pile.


8.00 4967

One of the old Solitaire. The name Acme was popular among companies that wanted to be first alphabetical, until Roadrunner and Coyote ruined it.


7.60 5074

A Canfield Solitaire from 1939. Medium difficulty, where it is important to get rid of the reserve quikly.


8.75 7008

(PC & Tablet) This is the Canfield Solitaire, but with 2 decks. Your own game statistic in the game.


8.89 5524

Also named Canfield has been played since 1890 - and is still very popular.

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