Freecell Solitaire

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8.00 77

A cross between Freecell and Spider. Get 4 sequences in the tableau down from King to Ace in alternating colors. And you get 4 freecells.

Sea Towers II

8.00 152

Freecell version where you build by suit in the tableau. You also start with a card in 2 freecells, and this version allow King only to a empty column

Windows Freecell Tablet

8.67 1916

An updated version of Windows Freecell now for Tablet and Mobil also. Choose what level/layout you want to play. 1 million to choose from.

Freecell Classic

9.64 9523

A Classic version of Freecell, that is excellent to play on tablet and mobile. You get your own game statistic.

Kings Solitaire

8.00 1558

A Crazy Freecell version, where it is random how many cards there is in each column.

Double Freecell

9.00 1921

Freecell with 2 decks, and 6 freecells. The first four aces is already in the foundation.

Three Cells

8.00 1902

(PC & Tablet) Freecell with only 3 cells!


8.50 2027

(PC & Tablet) This solitaire was first called Napoleon at St. Helena in a book from 1945. Since it is very simular to Freecell, it has got a new name now. Only difference from freecell is that there already is a card in every freecell.

Royal Solitaire

8.00 2044

A standard Freecell solitaire, that you also can play on Tablet and Mobile.