Freecell Solitaire

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SpiderCell II

9.33 3159

In this version you can build down in value regardless of suit in the tableau, but only move on sequences with alternating colors. The foundation however should be 4 piles from Ace to King by suit. You get 4 freecells, where 2 already has a card in it.


7.57 1990

A cross between Freecell and Spider. Get 4 sequences in the tableau down from King to Ace in alternating colors. And you get 4 freecells.

Sea Towers II

8.00 2599

Freecell version where you build by suit in the tableau. You also start with a card in 2 freecells, and this version allow King only to a empty column

Windows Freecell Tablet

8.86 4586

An updated version of Windows Freecell now for Tablet and Mobil also. Choose what level/layout you want to play. 1 million to choose from.

Freecell Classic

8.53 23991

A Classic version of Freecell, that is excellent to play on tablet and mobile. You get your own game statistic.

Kings Solitaire

8.00 4165

A Crazy Freecell version, where it is random how many cards there is in each column.

Double Freecell

9.33 4574

Freecell with 2 decks, and 6 freecells. The first four aces is already in the foundation.

Three Cells

8.00 4472

(PC & Tablet) Freecell with only 3 cells!


8.50 4642

(PC & Tablet) This solitaire was first called Napoleon at St. Helena in a book from 1945. Since it is very simular to Freecell, it has got a new name now. Only difference from freecell is that there already is a card in every freecell.