Golf Solitaire

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Scottish Solitaire

9.56 6144

The Golf Solitaire, with one less column but with a joker.

3 Keys Solitaire

9.00 5794

Golf solitaire where you can open up 3 waste piles. Get the cards from the tableu to one waste pile when the card is one higher or lower than the upper cards in of the waste piles.

Fairway Solitaire

9.92 5765

The Golf Solitaire made as a real Golf Round. Get a Par or better as your final score to lock up more Golf Courses. So - you dont have to get rid of all cards in the tableau to continue playing.

3 Pyramid Tripeaks 2

9.00 5163

Golf solitaire with pyramid setup. Actually there is 3 pyramid first, then 3 more coming down afterwards.

Magical Solitaire

9.00 4338

A very classic style in this Golf Solitaire, and nice effects when you manage a level. You will also find a Joker in the deck


9.00 4271

One of the solitaire with most variations. This is the original setup, with no building between King and Ace.

Three Gates Solitaire

6.25 4135

Golf solitaire with Joker, and the possibility to lock up 2 more wastepiles when you use the keycards.

Magic Towers Solitaire

9.38 3784

Reveal the magic tower behind the card on each level. Played as a regular golf solitaire, but with nice graphic and good sound.

Magic Card Saga

8.00 3599

Only works with Tablet or Mobil. Golf solitaire with many nice levels. Easy to start with, so it is suitable for children to play with :)