Golf Solitaire

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9.00 4912

One of the solitaire with most variations. This is the original setup, with no building between King and Ace.

Three Gates Solitaire

7.50 4642

Golf solitaire with Joker, and the possibility to lock up 2 more wastepiles when you use the keycards.


8.00 2671

A bit of a twist on this Golf solitaire. You must get a line of cards in the tableau instead of in the wastepile. Can you save the princess in the tower ?

Skyscraper Solitaire

8.00 3864

10 "courts" with golf that takes you to some of the spectacular skyscrapers around the world. You have bonus/help card on each level. Can be played on Tablet/Mobile also.

6 Peaks Solitaire

8.00 3107

Golf Solitaire with many levels. One of them is a Pyramid with 6 peaks!

3 Pyramid Tripeaks 2

9.00 5822

Golf solitaire with pyramid setup. Actually there is 3 pyramid first, then 3 more coming down afterwards.

Crystal Tripeaks Solitaire

9.29 3722

A great Golf game, with statistics on you gameplay and lots of levels. You can also choose difficulty.

Bahamas Tripeaks Solitaire

9.44 3803

Join the tour to Bahamas in this Golf Solitaire. 80 levels to play, with lots of great stuff such as Joker, Undo button and Hint button + more. Nice Graphics

Magic Towers Solitaire

9.55 4225

Reveal the magic tower behind the card on each level. Played as a regular golf solitaire, but with nice graphic and good sound.