Golf Solitaire

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Fairway Solitaire

9.92 5765

The Golf Solitaire made as a real Golf Round. Get a Par or better as your final score to lock up more Golf Courses. So - you dont have to get rid of all cards in the tableau to continue playing.

Scottish Solitaire

9.56 6144

The Golf Solitaire, with one less column but with a joker.

Sheriff Tripeaks

9.50 2772

Golf Solitaire with 25 levels!

Bahamas Tripeaks Solitaire

9.44 3434

Join the tour to Bahamas in this Golf Solitaire. 80 levels to play, with lots of great stuff such as Joker, Undo button and Hint button + more. Nice Graphics

Magic Towers Solitaire

9.38 3784

Reveal the magic tower behind the card on each level. Played as a regular golf solitaire, but with nice graphic and good sound.

Crystal Tripeaks Solitaire

9.29 3327

A great Golf game, with statistics on you gameplay and lots of levels. You can also choose difficulty.

Golf Solitaire Pro

9.00 2672

A Golf Solitaire with lots of jokers. Still, you need to do things in the right order.

3 Keys Solitaire

9.00 5794

Golf solitaire where you can open up 3 waste piles. Get the cards from the tableu to one waste pile when the card is one higher or lower than the upper cards in of the waste piles.

Joker Golf Solitaire

9.00 2994

Classic Golf Solitaire, but with Jokers!. Remove cards that is one higher or lower the upper card in the waste pile.