Pyramid Solitaire

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8.42 22734

Pyramid is one of the solitaire with most variations. This is the original setup!

Pyramid Solitaire Express

9.50 7905

Three pyramids, where it is more profitable to play fast. The faster you are, the more points you score.

Giza Solitair

9.25 4824

Play as a ordinary pyramid, but with all extra cards open in the tableu below the pyramid.

Freecell Giza Solitaire

8.00 4690

Giza Solitaire, with first 4 free cells. One less cell for each level you make.


9.00 4648

Double pyramid with 3 waste piles. Add together two cards to 13, and take them away.


9.00 4486

In this Pyramid you dont build to thirteen, but can take away to cards with same value, or two cards next to each other in value. You get your own game statistic.

Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

9.33 4461

Pyramid Solitaire with 40 levels and 3 Jokers!

Pyramid Solitaire

8.78 4450

Classic Pyramid, where you remove two cards that adds to 13. You may turn the waste pile ONE time.

Ancient Wonder Solitaire

8.00 4400

Pyramid Solitaire with 1 free cell. Discover the seven wonders of the world while you play!