Scorpion Solitaire

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Queenie Solitaire

7.25 193

A Scorpion solitaire that starts up as a Klondike solitaire in the tableau, with open cards

Three Blind Mice

8.00 540

Three blind mice is the turned cards in this solitaire. Build sequences from King to Ace in the tableau.

Ace of Hearts

9.75 537

In this Solitaire, there is only one foundation pile. This has to start with the Heart of Ace, then you build regardless of suit.

Russian Cell

8.00 581

Russian Cell is a version av Yukon solitaire, only build by suits in the table. You also get 4 freecell to aid you!

Chinese Solitaire

9.00 1809

A combination of Klondike and Scorpion, played as a Yukon solitaire :) This is the easy version, where any card can be placed in an empty column. 10 levels!


8.00 2377

(PC & Tablet) A bit easier version of Yukon, you can build with 3 colors in the tableau.


8.00 2185

(PC & Tablet) A tough challenge this yukon solitaire, even if you can build both up and down in the tableau.

Aunt Mary

9.00 2066

This is actually a Klondike version, with one less column in the tableau, and same number of cards in the column. But here you also use Scorpion Rules for building in the Tableau!

Midnight Sunitaire

9.71 3978

Also known as Geoffrey Solitaire. A Scorpion version with some hidden cards in the tableau. This version gives you 4 difficultys to choose from!