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8.00 1931

Build foundation piles up in alternate colors, while trying to get out all the reserve cards.

Labyrinth Solitaire

9.00 2939

Only the topmost and bottommost card in each column can be moved to the foundation. But: you get a last chance when youre stuck.


8.00 2668

This is a version of the Terrace Solitaire. Foundation is build with alternate colors

Shadow Solitaire

9.00 2502

Fill up all fields in the picture with one card. The card must be one higher or lower one of the card next to it


8.00 5008

(PC & Tablet) An easy Solitaire, where all cards in the reserve can be used from the start.


9.00 3952

There is no building in the tableau, but cards you take away create a hole in the column that grants you more choises. Read the rules well before you play.

Easy Go Solitaire

6.88 3232

As the name gives you a hint about, this is an easy solitaire. But also great entertainment.

Chess Cards

8.00 2937

Move the card almost like in chess! Read the rules before you start.

Dice Solitaire

8.00 2920

10 piles in the tableau to build down by suit. Remember what you have already built in the piles, since you dont see right away if there is more than one card in the pile.