Forty thieves

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8.00 164

The Congress, which here is the tableau can be build down in value regardless of suit. The Senate, or the foundtion, is build up in value and by suit.

Rank and File

9.00 548

A Castle Solitaire with simularity to Napoleon at St. Helena. In this version you can move on sequences in the tableau.

Ali Baba

8.00 663

Of cource Ali Baba must have a solitaire named after him as well, when those forty thieves has it!

Six by Six Tablet

9.00 548

Tablet/Mobile version of a difficult solitaire. You build in the first column in the tableau!


9.25 1077

Also known as Maria Lusia. A Forty thieves solitaire, but with only 36 thieves in the tableau.

Four Seasons

9.33 1571

If you play this at your kitchen table, the tableau should be like a cross, one pile first, then three directly under, and one under there again. The foundations should be in the corners. Average difficult Fourty thieves solitaire

Forty Thieves Tablet

7.67 1847

This if one of the Classic Solitaire games from early 1900. Known under many names, such as St. Helena, Big Forty, Roosevelt at St. Juan or Le Cadran. Comes also with many variations, often easier than the original.


9.00 1889

(PC & Tablet) A difficult but popular solitaire. Many hidden cards makes it exciting!

Indian 2

8.00 1242

Indian solitaire with slightly different setup, you get one more card in each Fan, and you get one redeal.