Braid Solitaire

The braid in the middle of the tableau has to be loosen. Choose if the foundation should be built up or down.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Build the foundation piles up OR down in value from the starting cart around to the card just below/above in value. The piles must be built by suit.


This Solitaire consist of 6 sections.
  • Foundations: The piles to the very left/right in the tableau. There is one card already placed there, which is the start value card for each foundation pile.
    Before you continue building the foundations, you have to decide if you want to build all piles up or down. When you start one pile in one direction, all piles is built the same way
  • Outer Reserve Piles. No building on the piles. You can only move cards to the foundation. When a pile is empty, you can when you want take the upper card from the waste pile and put here.
  • Inner Reserve Piles. It is four piles, and you can not build on them, only move cards to the foundation. When a pile is empty, it will be replaced by the free card in the braid
  • The Braid. From here, cards goes automatic into a free Inner reserve pile
  • Waste Pile. Move cards to the foundation, or to the Outer reserve piles
  • Deck. Turn over one by one card to the Waste Pile. You have 2 redeals when the deck is empty

About this version:

  • Can be played on a Computer, Tablet or Mobile
  • Clock count upwards
  • You score points
  • Highscorelist
  • Fullscreen mode available