Accordion Solitaire

Gather all cards in one stack at the end. A bit unusual rules for a solitaire, but you will understand them fast - then all you need it good strategy.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To end the game with all cards in one pile


You start with all cards in the deck, nothing in the tableau
Put two cards next to each other in the tableau, face up. Continue to put one card at the time in the tableau with these conditions:
  • A card in the row can be placed on the card just to the left if it is the same value or suit
  • A card can also be placed on the card three places to the left if it is same value or suit.
  • If you can not or will not place a card as described above, put it to the right for the lasti card/pile.
  • It is always the top card in a pile that counts, you move all cards under it together with the top card.
  • Use strategy here, it can be wise to put down more cards to the row before you start to move them.

About this version:

  • Can be played on PC, Tablet and Mobile
  • The clock counts upwards
  • Highscorelist
  • Fullscreen alternative