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24 foundation piles, with 4 cards in each. 1 row starts with 2, next with a 3, and the last with 4. Then build up by +3

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Buld the piles in the upper foundation row in 8 piles containing 4-7-10-K in each pile, built by suit.
The middle foundation row should be built with 3-6-9-Q, in suit
The lowest foundation row should be built with 2-5-8-J, also in suit.
When cards are dealt, all Aces is removed.


An empty pile in the foundation kan only be started with the start-card belonging to that row.
You may build on foundation piles that is started correctly and is in right order. You build with the card +3 higher.
You may move on any free card and use in the foundation, as long as you build by the rules above
There is no building in the tableau, cards can only be moved to the foundation.
When there is no more moves left, you take new cards from the deck, and a new card goes to each tableau pile.

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