Fairway Solitaire

The Golf Solitaire made as a real Golf Round. Get a Par or better as your final score to lock up more Golf Courses. So - you dont have to get rid of all cards in the tableau to continue playing.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To get all cards away from the tableau, and gather enough points to open next court. You score points like a real Golf-round, the cards you have left in the tableau give you the score after the Par-Score (-1, Par, Bogey and so on).


You can use one of the open cards in the tableau that is one higher or lower in value compare to the card already on top of the waste pile.
You may take card from the deck and place on top of the waste pile whenever you want. You can not turn the waste pile and start over.
This Fairway Solitaire contain special cards, like jokers, a time card, a iron-club (that also have special qualitys) and so on.
On each court, you get a goal you have to achieve to open the next court (like get an end result on Par or better).

About this version:

  • Your own Score card with your result
  • No time pressure, unless you draw a special card that gives you less time (like sun down, you can not play Golf when the sun is down)