Capricious Solitaire

This solitaire starts when you deal the cards. Each card that goes to a foundation is placed there right away, while dealing.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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There is 8 foundation piles. The first four to the left is build up from Ace to King, by suit. Piles must start with an ace from each suit.
The four piles to the right is build down from King to Ace, by suit. Piles must start with a King from each suit.


While dealing the cards, you can put cards to any foundation pile if possible. There will because of this be different amount of cards in each column when you start the playing after the deal.
In the tableau you build by suits, and can build both up and down in value.
You may only move on a single card.
an empty column can be filled with any free card.
When you are stuck, you can redeal all cards in the tableau. You can do this twice.
NOTE: when you redeal, Cards are taken into the deck in a certain order. Cards in the column in the right is taken first, then those in the second last and so on. The cards are NOT shuffled, so cards you have gathered in order in a column will be dealt to different columns when you redeal.

About this version:

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