Two Rings Tablet

Ring of Fire - this game also is named Firemen Solitaire. Build one ring up from 7 to King, and the other ring down from 6 to Ace.

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To be left with two rings in the tableau, where one ring is with eight Kings, the other one with eight Aces.
The foundation ring that starts with sevens, should be build up to King. The ring with 6 as starcard should be build down to Ace.
You build by suit.


The ring to the left is built down to Aces. In the middle of the ring, you will find the deck.
The ring to the right is built up to Kings. In the middle of the ring, you will find the waste pile.

The tableau consist of 8 cards, the four top left piles and bottom right piles

Now read this carefully: you dont click and move cards, you only click. So, if you by mistake click on a card you think goes into one of the foundation rings, it will automatically go to the wastepile!

When you want to get a new card from the deck, there must be an empty tableau pile. If there is no empty pile, find a card in the piles you want to move to the foundation and click on it. It will be moved to the wastepile.

Cards in the wastepile can only be moved to one of the rings.

A good strategy is to move highest or lowest cards possible to the wastepile.

You have one redeal of the wastepile

About this version:

  • HTML5 game
  • 8 Levels
  • Highscorelist
  • Clock count downwards