An easier version of the solitaire New York, you can build regardless of suit and move sequences by suit

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Build 8 foundation piles up in value and by suit from the startcard.

You can choose the startcard you self from the available cards in the tableau or wastepile.

You keep building up from King, to Ace, 2 and so on.


Build down in value regardless of suit in the tableau.

You may only move in single cards, or sequences that is in order by suit.

Cards already in the foundation can not be moved back to the tableau.

An empty column can be filled with any free card from the deck or by the wastepile. Not from another column in the tableau.

There is 3 waste piles. The upper card in the deck is visible, and you may choose which waste pile you want to put it in.

About this version:

  • Your own game statistic.
  • No time pressure
  • HTML5 Game