Display Solitaire

A challenging, fun and strategic solitaire! Get all cards out in the tableau with rows build in sequences. You can add cards to the right or below cards already in the tableau by certain rules. First deal gives you 3 waste piles, the last one only 1. You gotta try this one!

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Move all cards from the deck into the foundation, according to the rules below.


The first card is already on the tableau, in the upper left corner.

Your mission is to build rows of cards up from the value of the leftmost card in each row. You build no matter of suit

When you place a card in the tableau, the field to the right for the card and below it is unlocked.

each field will show you what value to put into it, but it is increasing in value from left to right, and decreasing downwards.

Fields are not available unless all fields is filled up from left to the place you wanna build in. So dont build rows to far ahead of each other, since you dont unlock fields below according to this rule

There is one redeal. The first round through the deck you get 3 waste piles. The upper card in the deck is visible, and you may choose what waste pile to put it in.

This will give you room for strategy. Try to choose wisely what waste pile you build in to avoid blocking cards. This is difficult, since you can build both upwards and downwards in the tableau.

When you redeal, you will only get ONE waste pile

About this version:

  • HTML5 Game
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  • Clock count upwards