Crazy Quilt

It may looks like a mess, but is actually fun to play. Read the rules carefully before you start. Choose from 3 difficulty.
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Build 4 foundations in suit from Ace up to King, and 4 foundations in suit down from King to Ace.


You can only move on cards that has at least one of the sides free. When you start, you will see that dere is only 16 cards at the edges of each row/column you may move.
When you have played a while, more and more cards will be available.
Free cards can be moved to the foundataion, or you can build on the upper card in the waste pile, if that card is in the same suit, and one up or down in value.
Take one card at the time from the deck to the waste pile. There is one redeal.

About this version:

  • Can be played on a Computer
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  • You score points