A fan version, where you three times can move the card at the bottom of each Fan to the top. If you are stuck , that will be handy !

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Build 4 foundations in suit from Ace up to King, and 4 foundations in suit down from King to Ace.


You may build both up and down on the upper card in each Fan. You must follow suit.
You can build between King-Ace,2 or 2,1-King.
Only one card at a time can be moved.
If a Fan goes empty, you can not rebuild it.
Whener you want (and if it is possible), you can move card from one foundation pile to another.
If you get stuck, you may three times choose to move the card at the bottom of a Fan to the top.

About this version:

  • Can be played on a computer
  • You score points
  • No time pressure