Algerian patience

Build up and down in the tableau, and 4 foundations up - 4 foundations down. Challenging and fun!

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Build 8 foundation piles. The first four is build from Ace to King. The last four is from King down to Ace. All piles is built in suits.


You may build both up and down in value in the tableau, as long as you build in suits. You can also build up/down between King and Ace
You may only move on a single card.
From the reserve piles you may use the top cards. When a reserve pile is empty, you can use it as a freecell. An empty column can be filled with any card.
Whenever you want cards from the deck, you must put two cards in each reserve pile. The last time you must put one card in each column in the tableau.

About this version:

  • Can only be played on PC
  • Highscorelist
  • Clock count upwards
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • You score points