Spiderette One Suit

Spider solitaire with Klondike setup, and only one color. Should be a easy solitaire to start with!
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To build 4 sequences in the tableau, down from King to Ace.


Imagine that all cards is in the same suit. Build down in value.
You can move on a single card, or a sequence.
An empty spacen may be filled with any card, or a sequence.
When you are out of move, you take new cards from the deck. There goes one card in each column. This destroy much of your building, so dont do this before you have to.
får plassert sekvenser der. Når du har en hel sekvens, fra Kong og ned til Ess, kan du ta vekk hele sekvensen. When you have completed a sequence down from King to Ace, you can remove those cards.

Abut this version:

  • Can be played on a cpmputer
  • You score points