A bit complicated solitaire, but with good chances of success. This is a variation of the Solitaire Sir Tommy.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To get all cards in the foundation, 4 piles with 13 cards in each. Se rules for how.


The first pile is build up by spade, starting with Ace of Spade. Den next is +1 in value (2 of Spade)
Second pile is in Heart, starting with 2 of Heart. Next is +2 in value (4 of Heart)
Third pile is in Diamond, starting with 3 of Diamond, and +3 in value.
Last pile is Clubs, from 4 of Club and +4 in value
Pay attention to the numbers rigth below the foundation piles. It tells you the right order to put the cards to the foundation. When a card IS in the foundation, it will dissapear from those numbers.

You put the available card from the deck to any place in the tableau, no matter what already is there.
Once a card is in the tableau, it can only be moved to the foundation. So, no building in the tableau
You need to be strategic, and dont lock cards under each other.

If you think the original Calculation Solitaire was hard, this is even tougher. Dont expect to make it often. But if you like a challenge, and to think a bit while you play, this is a great solitaire.

About this version:

  • You score points
  • No time pressure