Colorado II

A 2 deck solitaire, where both the upper card in the waste pile and in the deck is importan. No building in the tableau, so be strategic.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Build 4 foundation piles up from Ace to King, and 4 piles down from King to Ace. You build by suit, and you must have piles with Spades, Heart, Diamond and Clubs on both type of piles.


There is no building in the tableau, you can only move cards to the foundation.
The difference from this version to the original (that also is on is that both the card you have moved to the wastepile and the next card in the deck plays an important role.
There is not automatically turned a card to the waste pile, you choose when this should be done. When there is a card in the Wastepile, that card can not be moved to an empty column in the tableau
An empty column is automatically filled with the next card in the deck. This card is visible, so you can actually use some strategy here, by beeing selective in the timing of filling the waste pile (if possible, not always you have a choice). This way, you can try to start an empty column with highest/lowest possible value.
You can only have one card in the wastepile. This card must be moved to tableau or foundation before you can move another card into the wastepile.
You can move the wastepile card to any of the columns, regardless of what card already there.
This is a very strategic solitaire, so use your time figuring out where you should put the wastepile card, so you dont lock up any cards already there.

About this version:

  • HTML5 Game
  • You score points
  • Clock count upwards