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Aces Up

Mini Solitaire 2721 9.71

Standard version of Aces up - your goal is to have only the aces left in the tableau.


Canfield 2269 8.00

One of the old Solitaire. The name Acme was popular among companies that wanted to be first alphabetical, until Roadrunner and Coyote ruined it.

Acquaintance 2

Mini Solitaire 1755 8.00

This is a version of Auld Laung Syne. Acquaintance normally has 2 redeals, our version has 3 !

Agnes Bernauer

Klondike 4862 9.00

The solitaire we know as Klondike and this solitaire was both named Agnes in agent past. Both was given a new name, this to Agnes Bernauer. This is a klondike version with reservecards.

Agnes Solitaire

Klondike 4637 9.19

An old version of Klondike Solitaire, a bit difficult - but easy to learn.


Scorpion 2810 8.00

(PC & Tablet) A tough challenge this yukon solitaire, even if you can build both up and down in the tableau.

Algerian patience

2decks 2452 9.00

Build up and down in the tableau, and 4 foundations up - 4 foundations down. Challenging and fun!


2decks 2613 9.00

In this solitaire you can only build on the waste pile, both up and down by suit.

Ali Baba

Forty thieves 1211 8.00

Of cource Ali Baba must have a solitaire named after him as well, when those forty thieves has it!