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Gold Rush

Klondike 12226 9.14

(PC & Tablet) Klondike where you first turn three, then two and last one card to the wastepile.

Secret Double Klondike

Klondike  11999 9.21

A bit different Klondike solitaire, with 2 decks and 8 columns. Every other row is with hidden cards. Highscore - list and nice music in the background

Agnes Bernauer

Klondike 9636 9.00

The solitaire we know as Klondike and this solitaire was both named Agnes in agent past. Both was given a new name, this to Agnes Bernauer. This is a klondike version with reservecards.

Klondike Solitaire Tablet

Klondike 9420 8.89

The classic setup for Klondike, this version can be played also on Tablet and Mobile. You can choose to draw 1 or 3 card from the deck.

Power Solitaire

Klondike 8904 9.00

Mini Klondike, with only 6 columns in the tableau. Kings and Queens are not in the deck, and you have 3 waste piles.

Eagle Wings

Mini Solitaire 8654 9.25

This is a difficult version of Eagle Wings, but a fun setup in the tableau that looks like an eagle make this solitaire popular.

Aces and Kings Solitaire

2decks 8283 9.61

A bit odd solitaire layout, but lots of gameplay. All play is in the foundations only.

Solitaire 2

Klondike 8092 9.86

The nicest version of Klondike - with great effects when you put cards to the foundations. Draw 3 and 3 cards.

Terrace Solitaire

Freecell 7960 9.67

An important desition is what you must start with first in this solitaire. This is a type of Solitaire that is simular to freecell, but not quite.