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Spider Solitaire Tablet

Spider 21299 9.00

A Spider version where you can choose to play with 1,2 or 4 colors. Can also be played on Tablet and Mobile.

Spider Solitaire (2 suits)

Spider 17109 9.09

Spider with black and red cards, makes it a bit more difficult than with only one suit/no suit.

Freecell Classic

Freecell 9523 9.64

A Classic version of Freecell, that is excellent to play on tablet and mobile. You get your own game statistic.

Clock Solitaire

Mini Solitaire 9325 8.12

The original Clock solitaire. Can you get the clock to work (so all times are showing) ?

Western Solitaire

Klondike 8938 6.71

Klondike with a Western motive. You also get your own game statistic. Choose to draw one or three cards from the deck.

Freecell Solitaire

Freecell 8768 9.11

Classic Freecell with highscorelist. The game autopause if you change window.

Power Solitaire

Klondike 6935 9.00

Mini Klondike, with only 6 columns in the tableau. Kings and Queens are not in the deck, and you have 3 waste piles.

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion 6505 8.79

Gather sequence of cards in same suit from K down to Ace. Move groups of cards regardless of any sequence. Solitaire where strategy is important.

Secret Double Klondike

Klondike  6281 8.70

A bit different Klondike solitaire, with 2 decks and 8 columns. Every other row is with hidden cards. Highscore - list and nice music in the background