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Pyramid 107 9.00

With 3 wastepiles, this version of a pyramid solitaire increases your chance of success. Even better, you also get a freecell!

Cromwell Solitaire

Fan 108 8.00

Here is a solitaire with 26 Fans/columns. You can not rebuild an empty fan, but you can ask for "Merci" once.


Miscellaneous 136 8.00

Easy rules, but you gotta keep track on what piles in the tableau that consist of more than one card. Build 8 foundation piles up in value, no matter of color. How many cards there is in each pile does not matter

Crossover 21

Poker Solitaire 88 8.00

Build combination of cards until you reach 21 when you add them vertical or horizontal. This is a solitaire you can use alot of time on!

Two Rings Tablet

Mini Solitaire 96 8.00

Ring of Fire - this game also is named Firemen Solitaire. Build one ring up from 7 to King, and the other ring down from 6 to Ace.


Freecell 78 8.00

A cross between Freecell and Spider. Get 4 sequences in the tableau down from King to Ace in alternating colors. And you get 4 freecells.


Forty thieves 164 8.00

The Congress, which here is the tableau can be build down in value regardless of suit. The Senate, or the foundtion, is build up in value and by suit.

American Toad

Canfield 151 8.00

Canfield solitaire with 2 decks, and where you build by suits in the tableau, and have one redeal

Lady Cadogan

Spider 161 8.00

This solitaire is named after one of the first author of solitaire litteratur, Lady Adelaide Cadogan. First 4 foundations can be built card by card, the last 4 with full sequence only.