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Solitaire Klondike

Klondike 1371 9.92

A new version of Klondike with more statistic. Also a daily Klondike setup for you to make. You can also change color, cards and background.

Fairway Solitaire

Golf 2727 9.90

The Golf Solitaire made as a real Golf Round. Get a Par or better as your final score to lock up more Golf Courses. So - you dont have to get rid of all cards in the tableau to continue playing.

Windows Freecell Solitaire

Freecell 4160 9.88

This is a version very like the Window Freecell version we know from the computers. You can choose what setup-number you want to play. Why dont start with number 1 and then og up to the last ?

Thumb And Pouch

Klondike 2444 9.87

An easy version of Klondike. Build down in every other suit than the one you build on.

Lady Jane Solitaire

Spider 2853 9.85

Build downwards in tableau, either by suit or not. Suit-sequence can be moved. A great classic Solitaire !

Solitaire 2

Klondike 5358 9.81

The nicest version of Klondike - with great effects when you put cards to the foundations. Draw 3 and 3 cards.

Ace of Hearts

Scorpion 537 9.75

In this Solitaire, there is only one foundation pile. This has to start with the Heart of Ace, then you build regardless of suit.

Gaps Solitaire

Miscellaneous 2986 9.75

Move cards to the holes, and get four rows from 2 to King, left to right. This version shows you what cards you may move, and you even get unlimited shuffles!

Poker Square

Poker Solitaire 1421 9.75

Make as many and good poker combination in this 5 by 5 square tableau